The Basement of a Ramada & BFF Yogis

My first experience with yoga was in the basement of a Ramada Inn in Manahattan, Kansas.  I was thirteen and I went with my best friend Anna (see cute blonde below for visual):

It was a super hippy dippy experience and I was instantly hooked.  I have always hated sports, much to my father’s dismay.  My papa coached my soccer, softball and basketball teams all throughout my adolescence and I was easily the worst player on each of those teams.   So when I found this dark basement where I could be barefoot and it didnt really matter if I was  ‘good’,  I was stoked.

After the Ramada yoga class I started attending evening yoga classes with Hannah during our junior year of high school at the K-State Recreational Center  (see the cute brunette below for a visual):

Flash forward eleven years later and Hannah was in my yoga class this morning…  We have cute 26-year-old slumber parties on Wednesday nights and she comes to my morning class with an inevitable coffee date after.

My relationship with Hannah has changed  as much at my relationship with yoga has in the last decade.  We’ve been pissed at each other and taken some time off, I wont mention a certain full moon a couple years ago…and we’ve had many adventures.  I know that I’m in it for the long haul with Hannah and yoga.  And I am so blessed and grateful for my beautiful friends and also pleased as punch that so many of my peeps love yoga too so that we can share our practice together.  See photos of my other yoga buds below:

The inspiring Annie, my children’s yoga Guru.


Erin, my sister wife.

Maggie, The only Bikram Yoga Instructor I love…

Alicia aka The Snow Queen.  My first yoga training buddy in 2007.

My homies at Orange Sky Yoga. Who are always supportive and groovy. This is a photo with Tatiana and Will at Hanuman Festival 2011.

Jessa.  So glad our yoga paths crossed.  My yogi advisor/mentor. much love.

Ali. My Thursday night-Hanuman yogini friend! And I have to mention my bff Floyd.  Who really needs his own yoga dog-blog.

Kendra. We shared a lot of early morning drives to OSY and my partner yoga Guru

Erica.  I miss my fellow  theatre yogini.

A final shout out to my “bestie” Lindsey, my LA yoga partner in crime.

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