Mermaid Yoga

I had a magical evening hanging out under a lighthouse last night.  Thats right, a lighthouse.  I walked along the beach and out onto a dock and sat under a lighthouse and the stars and stared out at Lake Michigan and the beautiful Chicago skyline.  I felt like I was on an island.  After my lighthouse meditation I walked to a nearby cafe.   It was reminiscent of a beachside hangout somewhere in the Caribbean. I sat on the patio and listened to some blue grass tunes.  A couple women were wailng away on their guitars.  I was told that Janis Joplin had played at the cafe in the 1960’s.

I’ve decided to continue my nautical theme today.  I havent seen the ocean since last summer in LA and who knows when I will see it again.  Ive already requested Mermaid Pose for Diana’s class at Tula today.  I plan on leading a wild underwater adventure in my Family class at 11:30am.  And I’m thinking dolphin and fish pose for my Tula Vinyasa class at 12:30pm.  Why not?

Bon Voyage!

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  1. Diana said:

    i love the pic of ariel! maybe instead of up-dog, we should say up-mermaid!
    thanks for the great request- i had a lot of fun with you in class 🙂

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