The Adventures of Floyd the Yoga Dog-Blog

Funny Face Floyd Stuckman came into my world/apartment on a beautiful spring day in April 2011.

After discovering his new digs we journeyed to a nearby park to do yoga with some Orange Sky yogi friends.

During the first weeks of being Floyd’s mama I remember waiting forever for him to fall asleep so I could clean, do homework, or try to keep up my meditation practice. On rare occasions he would fall asleep in my lap where I would meditate and chant with him curled up on our chair.

Our first summer together Floyd went to Hanuman Yoga Festival, he co-taught a Kid’s Yoga Partner class at Orange Sky Yoga (with me and Lindsey) as well as performed some ‘Doga’ poses with me at Paws on Poyntz.

Over a year later Floyd will (sometimes) sit patiently on the back of my mediation cushion while I meditate and rest his head/jowls on my shoulder.

I’ve learned a lot from Floyd. My patience has been tested. I am less selfish with my time. I have a job, friends, yoga and a dog. Floyd only has me. He needs me for food, walks and love. He’s a huge responsibility that I’ve never experienced before. He’s my yoga sidekick and my guru-dog. He’s wise beyond his years. Dog years.

*Special thanks to one of Floyd’s favorite aunts and fellow yogini, Ms. Jamie Gentry. Thanks for taking the best photos of my pooch and for being a good friend to both me and Floyd. ooxx

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