Yoga Crystals

My interest in crystals started last summer at my LA teacher training.  My teacher trainee friend, Aja, had a beautiful crystal that I inquired about.  She sent me to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market where there was a man who had a crystal booth.

Here I am at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market on the hunt for some crystals (with my lovely friend Britni) :

Upon returning from LA I moved into my new house in Chicago.  One of the first items that I unpacked was my LA Farmer’s Market quartz crystal.  This crystal is useful for retaining positive energy.  It is one of the most powerful stones on earth.  Before I ‘charged it’ with the happy-good vibes (and placed it in our new living room) I had to cleanse the quartz of any remaining charge from its previous owner…how do you do that?  You bathe it in moonlight. duh.

At the Farmers Market I also bought my grandma a Fluorite crystal which is supposed to contain a youthful energy and is good for meditation and healing.  Seriously, how cute is my grandma?

Last week I purchased a couple of crystals here in Chicago.  I bought a Citrine for some Tula yoginis, Jamie, Veronica and Michelle and their new Logan Square nook and an Amethyst  crystal to help me with mediation and nightmares.

Even Jamie’s cat Queso reaps the benefits of their new Citrine crystal:

Who knows if crystals actually work?  I think they are beautiful and the sentiment and intention is magical.

  1. Love this, love your Grandma, and can’t wait to see you in Chicago in July! I think when I put that crystal on my forehead (aka unicorn style), that there were definitely some good vibes there… I was delirious by that point of the training, but I still believe! I actually bought my mom some stone and crystal bracelets for her bday and mother’s day. 😉 And of course I got one for myself…

    Keep writing – I love your posts!

  2. I received my first crystal from a dear sweet cousin of mine today. I’m cleansing it right now (not in some moonlight, but some salt water-who knew?). I also cleansed the crap out of my house today with a variety of candles, sage, and pine. Clean cleansed spaces are happy spaces. Love you.

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