Bunk Bed Yoga

Below you will see arguably the best partner yoga pose ever:

Leila and I are rocking our ‘bunk bed’ pose = two inverted planks.

This is super fun to do when you find yourself trying to entertain children.

Or, if you need a party trick and have two consenting adults….Exhibit B:

How to bunk-bed:

Step one– one person comes into the lower bunk bed position (inverted plank). With fingers pointing towards their feet and hips lifted.

Step two– second person stands in between the base bunk bed’s legs. Second person is facing away from the first person.

Step three- second person places right hand on first person’s right shoulder and left hand on their left shoulder. Their fingers also point toward their feet.

Step four– second person places right foot on first person’s right thigh and left foot on their left thigh.

Step five– yell at someone to take a photo of your bunk bed pose.

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