Stressful Office Romance? Yoga Can help.

Oh dating/crushing/romancing.  It can be so funIt can also be very stressful. 

What makes dating/crushing/romancing more stressful and at the same time more exciting?  Planting this romantic scenario into a work environment.  No space is safe when you are dating/crushing/romancing in the workplace.  Except for maybe the bathroom.  Or if you are one of the lucky employees, a private office.

Have no fear!  Office Yoga is here!

When you find yourself in the throes of a new love or a good ole fashion crush there is no better time to try some simple office yoga techniques:

1. Staying present-dont lose yourself in exciting new feelings.

2.DEEP breathing-self explanatory and easy to practice at your desk…or in the office lunch room.

3. Take a YOGA class pretty much always a good idea.  After work hit the mat to relax.

4. Tackle dating insecurities that rear their gnarly heads with a mantra….try this one:

‘I am already enough.’ 

Because you are.  On the yoga mat. On a date.  And in your cubicle awkwardly avoiding eye contact with your sexy new flame.

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