Monkey Pose

This blog post was inspired by my first visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  My favorite part was the Primate House.

Lincoln Park Gibbons

Hanuman (Hindu Monkey God) is worshipped as the symbol of perseverance, physical strength, and devotion. This is a perfect description of hanumanasana (monkey pose) because it is super hard.

Below is the beautiful Joan Lee (Tula Yogini) in hanumansasana- Adult Monkey Pose:

And the lovely Natalie (another Tula Yogini) in her Adult Monkey Pose:

This is Charlie (Mini Tula Yogi) in his Baby Monkey Pose:

And Leila (Mini Tula Yogini) in her Baby Monkey Pose:

Picture of Lord Hanuman:

Baby Picture of Lord Hanuman:

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