3 Year Old Yoga


Here I am.  Age three.  I would have been a hit in a kids yoga class.  I wish I still had this outfit.

Yoga is more fun when you are three years old for these main reasons:

1. You can wear whatever the hell you want.  No lululemon. Tutus and cowboy boots work just fine.

2.  There is no fear of falling on your face in crow pose or handstand when you are three.  You just go for it.  Granted your fall is a little closer to the ground, but still.

3. Animal noises.  Besides the occasional ‘lions breath’ thrown into a sweaty adult flow class it is inappropriate to ‘moo’ like a cow or ‘meow’ like a cat in your average vinyasa grown up yoga session.

4. No one cares if you fart.

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