Summer Yoga Mala 2012

Wednesday night was the first time I have participated in a Yoga Mala.

It was totally different from the two Malas I have taught. The two I taught were both led by three women. Our version of the Mala was a little more cheerleader meets sorority girl and was set to a super groovy playlist.

Wednesday night’s Yoga Mala at Tula Yoga Studio was led by Kristen and Nathan. There was a guitar and chanting. One big difference between the two I taught and the one I took on Wednesday was we never knew what sun salute we were on during Wednesday night’s Mala. In the Malas I co-led we yelled out “50 more!!” “Only 20 left…” So people knew where they were in the 108 sun salutes. I think both ways of conducting this ‘Mala business’ have their pros and cons.  I enjoyed Kristen and Nathan‘s Mala and I’m jazzed for the next time I get to teach and/or participate in a Yoga Mala.


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