Barbie Yoga.

I completely support introducing yoga to kids.  That is why I wanted to chat about the new ‘Yoga Teacher’ Barbie.  I think the intention behind the doll is good.  ‘Yoga Teacher’ Barbie comes from the ‘I can be…’ line of ‘Professional’ Barbie dolls that teach kids they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up, even a yoga instructor.

‘Yoga Teacher’ Barbie looks a lot like some of the ladies I practiced yoga with out in Los Angeles.  Most women that teach and practice yoga look nothing like Barbie.  And then of course there are male yogis and yoga teachers who really look nothing like Barbie.

I have the same complaints for all of these ‘Professional’ Barbie dolls.  Would it kill Mattel to make a smokin’ hot brunette Barbie with feet that could actually fit in a pair of Birkenstocks instead of high heels?  I feel bad for Barbie’s arches. And God forbid some curves, can we give Barbie more of an ass?  How about spicing up Professional Barbie’s ethnicity?  Does she always have to be white, blonde and unrealistically thin?  How boring and also what kind of message does that send out to the little girls that don’t look like Barbie and want to teach yoga?

Finally, I think ‘Yoga Teacher’ Barbie’s little yappy chihuahua (that’s included with each doll) is lame.  She should have an english bulldog.

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