Sutra Sampling. Numero Uno

  • From time to time, I will post on some of the main Yoga Sutras.  This is to refresh my own study of the Sutras and to keep me honest on my goal to dive a little deeper into the philosophy of yoga.  Please feel free to add any comments/thoughts to these posts.

Yoga Sutra Numero Uno:

Patanjali starts with the first Sutra
Atha Yoganushasanam || (1-1)

Atha – now, Yoga – science of Yoga, Anushasanam – Discipline or set of instructions Now, (start with) the discipline of yoga

hmmm.  This is off to a good start.  Very simple.  Do yoga NOW. We can apply this Sutra to every aspect of life.  Want to do something?  Do it today. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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