Today’s Flow, yo.

Today’s Class Outline:

Floppy savasana (deep breaths- decide on the type of energy you are cultivating)
Easy twist
Core-legs straight up lower one leg down at a time
Down dog
Right leg low lunge-skandasana
Down dog
Left leg low lunge-prasarita
Down dog 4 rounds of sun salute A
Down dog -sun salute B (high lunge, prayer twist)
Sun salute B (traditional X 2)
Utkatasana-eagle pose- warrior 3 with eagle arms-standing splits
Other side
Down dog-forward fold-tadasana
Tree pose-high lunge and flow-other side
3 back bends
Supine twist
Seated forward fold
Pigeon-down dog (other side)
Happy baby
Savasana-check in with the quality of your energy


  1. Chris Miller said:

    Yay for ‘Happy Baby!’ I love that pose. Cassi, I hope you are doing great! 😉 You would be excited to know that I am now back into the Yogi world!

    Have a great week!

    Chris Miller

    • That is great news!!! Happy Baby= my favorite 🙂

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