Yoga–you get what you give.

“Yoga is like music, mathematics, art or any other great tradition: you get from it what you put into it. If better health and a smaller waistline are all you want from Yoga, the class across town will do just fine. And if you want to plumb the depths of consciousness, understand the purpose of the universe, mitigate all material pain, attain spiritual bliss through self-realization and have a personal rendezvous with God, you can get all that from Yoga too. But to cross that great ocean, you must prepare for a longer and more arduous voyage, perhaps decades in length. Arm yourself with good maps and plenty of supplies. And please: don’t try to redesign the ship. It was wrought by much better hands than ours.”

—David B. Hughes

(Floyd just wants a smaller waistline…)

  1. GMA said:

    And there is my own Great Grand Dog. Made tears come to my eyes. Loved the picture. GRGMA

  2. GMA said:

    One of GMA’s friends says:

    The look on Cassi’s dog this morning. :O) looks to me like he is saying ” What in the world are you doing to me??? This is total embarrassment” love it and I don’t even like dogs.

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