Left-Sided Yoga.

My left hip and shoulder are ridiculously tighter than my right.  Most people have asymmetrical flexibility in their hips, hamstrings, shoulders…Ive decided (let it be said) that I am committing to a weekly ‘left-sided yoga’ practice.  I will do a personal yoga practice and only do my left side. In order to even the playing field.  Example poses for my new practice: left-sided pigeon, cow face pose, lizard pose and eagle…This intense asymmetrical tightness probably stems from being right-handed (and legged), the placement of my liver (I don’t know I just heard that) and also that I habitually demo my right side when I teach classes, because my poses look ‘prettier’ on the right side.  I’m doing myself (and maybe the participants in my class) an injustice.  I should let my ugly left side shine every once and awhile!

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