Kids Yoga-Jenga

Need to entertain children?  Or a high energy adult?  Here is an easy gift idea:

Yoga-Jenga. Purchase a Jenga set. Take a Sharpie and write yoga poses on each block. examples: cat, dog, gorilla, dolphin, cow, chair…

Jenga is played with the same rules, but now each time a block is pulled from the tower the player has to do the pose (or you can make all of the players do the pose) when the tower falls-celebrate! With a dance party or down dog tunnel*.

*Down dog tunnels is when all of the players line up hip to hip and make a tunnel with their down dogs, and then one at a time someone crawls under the down dog tunnel.

1 comment
  1. GMA said:

    Clever – idea. Way to go grand daughter. GMA

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