Meditation Monday.

Today was a perfect day for meditation.  It was cool and rainy outside. I had the window open next to my ‘meditation chair,’ a slight breeze was coming through, Floyd was snoozing, my Earl Grey was at its perfect drinking temperature….

I like to keep a meditation journal next to me when I meditate.  That way when an urgent thought, idea or agenda item pops into my mind I can write it down and come back to it after my mediation session, much like a pen and paper on the nightstand for those middle-of-the- night ideas.

Today, all was right for a successful meditation.  However, here are my *very important* items I noted in my journal whilst trying to find inner peace:

1. My comforter doesn’t match my curtains.

2. I need to buy a new comforter.

3.  What am I going to do this weekend to entertain my out-of-town guest?

4. I need to use a sticky type of paint on the walls of my future yoga studio (long story).

5. This would make a good blog post.

Alas, the mind is a wandering puppy dog.

This is my ‘meditation altar’ that is next to my ‘meditation chair.’ The frog was a gift from my father from a sacred Indian store: ‘Pier One.’

Meditation chair and clashing curtains…

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