The Cassi Cleanse.

For the next three weeks I am going to cleanse.  After the month of October: Halloween candy, weddings and Thai food, its time for a little change.  I will check in the next three Tuesdays to let the bloggy blog world know how it’s going.  My cleanse will end on Thanksgiving day, naturally.

My cleanse will consist of:

Lots of yoga and meditation (duh)

No booze

Less coffee, more tea (I would say ‘no coffee’, but lets get real)

Less ‘tan foods’ more greens and fruits

 Lots o’ water

Neti Pottin’

And finally, no shampoo or conditioner (more on this to come)

  1. Becky Raymond said:

    You go girl – I might join ya – Becky

  2. Kristen Folkes said:

    I fully support all of these things on the list. I should cleanse too, it’s been a while.

  3. grandma said:

    Sounds awesome! And to think what I’m trying to do is give up creamer in my coffee. Here’s to us all. GMA

    • haha. love you. I will call you this week so we can discuss our CO adventures;)

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