‘No Poo’ November

My roommate and I are not using shampoo or conditioner for the month of November*.  As an experiment. Also as an alternative to spending tons of money on ‘organic’ shampoo and conditioner and saving our scalp from a cocktail of untested chemicals (aka ‘fragrances’)… There is a whole ‘no poo’ movement happening, that I didn’t even know about!  Check it out. 

*Why November you ask?  Because if it all goes south there are always knit hats…or French braids.

For ‘shampoo’ we will use a mixture of baking soda and water:

And for ‘conditioner’ we shall use a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water:

  1. grandma said:

    Sure wish I was closer so I could give that Gr Grand, Floyd, a love. Gr. GMA

  2. Kristen Folkes said:

    Floyd agrees with your plan! lol

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