Guest Blog–No Poo November

*This blog is written by Hannah, my lovely roommate and No Poo partner is crime…

Dear Shampoo,
I miss your lather. With baking soda, I don’t know what it’s doing, where it has already been, there is no lather to guide me. Only my diligent fingers and memory, working this grimy white paste into my scalp. I’ve never been so attentive in a shower.

Dear Conditioner,
I definitely miss your scent. Vinegar smells as bad as the day I walked into Science class in 6th grade and knew we were doing all sorts of experiments, one of which involved vinegar (and cabbage I think). I miss your viscosity, that lotion-y, thick, high viscosity. Vinegar drips out of the container, drip, drop. Once again, I diligently work it through the different regions of my head.
Dear No Poo November,
I am excited, and anticipating a wonderful new phase in my life, where I can contribute just a little to less waste and polluted water run, put an end to a vicious cycle of damage and repair, and save some money-buy some cashews instead, or cuter socks. This morning was my first go-around and at the end of a shower in which I didn’t day-dream once, my hair felt really good. A little heavy but good. We both added a little bit of coconut oil to the conditioner. Now, what really got me was how easy I was able to comb through my hair. This is never the case. I’ve held back, but in the past I was always tempted to get those no-tangle sprays for kids because my hair would be, you guessed it, tangled. Not today my pooing friends. Today, from scalp to end, that comb cruised through my hair. First day of this wonderful phase, success.
Point of clarification-my hair is still wet, it hasn’t dried yet, I have no idea what it is going to look like.
I admit, I don’t expect an awkward greasy phase. All anecdotes and websites point to this, but I expect our hair to skip all that and go right into awesome phase. Stay tuned.
Optimist (aka Hannah)
PS. If this goes well, maybe I’ll change my name to Optimist

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