DIY Yogi Presents

With a couple of exceptions, I tried making all of my holiday presents this year or commissioned a more talented friend to make them for me…

Three holiday gift ideas for the yogi in your life:


DIY Mala Beads: Beadniks or any craft store should have the three items you need for this project:

1. 108 Beads (wooden beads work well) and 1 ‘Guru bead’ which can be a different color and shape than the other 108 beads.

2. A tassel

3. Cord, hemp or string.  Try this link for further instruction.

Chunky Scarflette: Your holiday yogi is probably down with the chunky knit goods (especially if they reside in Logan Square)

Find some chunky colorful yarn (the yarn that looks like dreadlocks work best and get yourself some chunky knitting needles.)  Youtube how to cast on.  Follow the video and cast on between 15-20 times (the more stitches the chunkier the scarflette) then Youtube how to knit. You can do a one-time-around-the-neck scarflette or make it longer so the yogi can wrap it around their neck multiple times.  The next step is to cast off (use that youtube) and then sew the ends together.

This scarflette is perfect for a journey to the yoga studio or to slip on during savasana.


*if you need to commission someone to make a yogi scarflette for you try my friend Julia at High Hope Knits.

And finally a yoga mix CD: Yes, it’s a throwback (what are CD’s again?) but it is a lot of fun for the DJ and the yogi.  Try this mix.

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