Why I Love Teaching Yoga.

There are silly reasons for loving my job like always being bare foot and my comfy work clothes but the real reasons why I love teaching yoga is because I get to go out everyday into the city and trek to different studios/schools/gyms.  Lately it’s been cold outside and I leave the house all bundled up with nothing but my Ipod and head full of big ideas.  I journey on the train/bus/car and  arrive at ‘work’ take off my layers and walk into a warm room, often times I light candles or incense and get a whole hour (at least) with a group of people.  And for the most part, even if some of the participants are in a bad mood or having a crappy day, this chunk of time is the most relaxing and connected part of their day.  Because they dedicated a slot of time to unwind, become aware of their breath and listen to their bodies.  For the kiddos it’s a non competitive time to express themselves and have fun.  For the families and babies it’s a time to do an activity with their mom/dad/sibling where they can learn about each other and explore through the poses.

And no matter how tired or scattered I am, after that opening OM I  am fully committed. Whether I am teaching babies, toddlers, or adults, for that class period my mind is in the moment.  It’s the only activity on Earth that can keep me completely focused.

Creating a centered and connected vehicle that a person can feel comfortable in on their journey is essential to a happy life.  Yoga is my way to cultivate inner peace that I can tap into when the world gets scary and the fact that I get to share that with people of all ages is a blessing that I will never take for granted.

Happy Holidays.  Thanks for reading my blog.



  1. Kristen Folkes said:

    When was that picture taken? It’s very cute! Happy Holidays! :0) love ya.

    • like two months ago. Amanda took it 🙂 love ya too!!

  2. grandma said:

    That’s my grand daughter :o). So proud GMA

  3. I enjoy your story and it’s great. I too love yoga and i’m looking forward to meet you someday and practice in your yoga class. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

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