Yoga Monoblogs — Sammie Swan

This is written by guest blogger/yogini Sammie Swan. Sammie works at Chicago School of Yoga and is taking Annie Carpenter’s teacher training this summer in LA.  She is a sweet and positive yogini and I know she will be an amazing yoga teacher.


Two and half years ago, I walked into a yoga class on accident thinking it was just a regular group fitness class at my gym. To say the least, it was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. Leaving my first yoga class, I felt refreshed, calm, and couldn’t stop smiling! I was hooked and would soon find out that yoga would lead me on a lifelong journey. I know that people have many different reasons for getting on their mat. I find myself asking: Why do we all practice? I do have to say that lately, my reasons are because in yoga, there is unlimited growth. You can dig deeper and explore! It’s a time for possibility and play. The practice of yoga has changed my life to say the least. Through yoga, I have found appreciation for the world and people around me. I have found a love for myself and for the environment. It’s amazing to me that every class I go to I learn something new whether it be through a pose or through an intention… and that is why I have great love for yoga! It is through us, Yogis, that peace and love can be spread…kind of like a yoga epidemic. After all, the practice of yoga can be both on and off the mat!

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  1. James Reyes said:

    Amazing pose she did. I love it

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