I feel like the universe is sending me a message.  Make yourself useful.  I recently did a weekend workshop on ‘seva’ which is the Sanskrit word for ‘selfless service.’  The first activity we did was brainstorm ideas of service we could provide for our community.  I sat there and made a list and realized I could do a lot more for my community.  Then, my yogi friend Veronica got back from Haiti where she taught yoga to cancer patients.  Amazing.  I got home from her class and felt the pang again: do something for your community.


All day long on Martin Luther King Jr. day I kept hearing and seeing this quote:


So, blog as my witness, I am giving back this winter.  No more ignoring the call of the universe.

  1. grandma said:

    YEA! That’s my Grand-daughter. You go girl. GMA

  2. hannah said:

    Have you heard of Mindful Practices? It’s a non-profit that provides yoga programs to school children around the city. They work in a lot of under served areas. Check them out!


    • Awesome! I will do that. Thanks Hannah.

  3. Claire said:

    Hi Cassi! I also have a friend that teacher yoga to at-risk students in the city and another friend who teaches at Cook County Women’s prison. I’m happy to hook you up if you’re interested.

    • That would be great! Becca Wise (from Tula) also got me set up to teach yoga at her kids group home, that she works at. Ask the universe (or post a blog) and the answers start flowing in!! btw-i miss you.

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