10 Reasons Why Kids Love Yoga.

I discovered yoga at the age of thirteen. I wish I would have found it sooner. As a child, I dreaded sports and gym class. I wasn’t fast or strong and it left me feeling excluded. Yoga is beneficial for all types of kids. There is something in it for everyone.

1.      Non-Competitive:  It’s all in the name of self-discovery. No stop watches and no score-keeping just good old fashioned fun.

2.      Partner Poses:  Free reign to hold hands with your neighbor and crawl all over classmates, parents and siblings.

3.      No Volume Restrictions:  Kids can be as loud as they want. It is, however, amazing how quiet children become in Savasana after barking like a (downward-facing) dog for an hour.

4.      No Wrong Answers: Yoga is kid-directed, for example, if a child sees a lion during a ‘yoga ocean adventure’ you better believe we do lion pose. 

5.      Puppets:  Kids Yoga is a good excuse to incorporate puppets.

6.      Adults Love it:  Kids like to be included in adult activities. Yoga is something they can share with their adult family members.

7.      You Can Do it Anywhere:  No equipment required. Yoga can happen at a park, in a living room, a classroom or a bedroom.

8.      Yoga Can Last a Lifetime:  These itsy bitsy yoga sessions can plant a seed that will grow into a lifelong yoga practice.

9.      Permission to Bounce Off the Walls:  Kids are natural born hand-standers. They love it because they are egoless and fearless.

10.  It’s Not Just Yoga: It’s dancing, counting, creating, collaborating, acting, playing, improvising, story-telling, singing, chanting and…it’s totally fantastic!


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