Yoga Monoblogs–Andrew Wicklander

Andrew Wicklander is a guest blogger and the creator of Tula Software and married to Maile, the owner of Tula Yoga Studio.


No One May Lay Claim On You

As the internet turns all of us into artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, it also turns us into creators of ‘things’ that allow us to live the lives we want, in a way that makes us happy, and most importantly, in a way that allows us to be independent and self sufficient.

My ‘thing’ may be different than your ‘thing’ of course, but none the less we now all have access to the tools that allow us to inspire, educate, build, etc., etc., etc.

Yet as more and more of us tweak and remix the things we’ve learned from others, it’s easy to worry about whether we’re making something that’s the result of our own genius, or whether it belongs to or was inspired by something else.

I think about this constantly.

I’m inspired by other web designers. I see useful things all around me and I think about how I might be able to leverage them and make our own products better.

But it’s important to understand that just about everything is a remix. Every creation is built atop something that was made by someone else.

The temptation to question our own genius is not one of respect for those who have inspired us. It’s the disguise that our fear arrives in.

Because the scariest thing in the world is that maybe you actually are as awesome as you know you can be. If you do make that ‘thing’, maybe it will change your life. Maybe people will start coming to you for answers.

Our creative efforts are the sum of ALL of our experiences. And as individuals only we are able to create the ‘things’ that we’re creating.

People may inspire us. And you may give yourself freely to another. But you and your creations are all yours – in all of your awesomeness.

No one else may lay claim on you.

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