Heart Closing.

With Valentine’s day coming up next week you better believe there will be a lot of heart-opening happening on the yoga mat and out in the world. I teach three classes on V-day. I will hop on the heart-opening train next Thursday (why not?) We will also counter it with heart-closing (think: garundasana, bakasana, marjaryasana…) Because you can’t walk around with your heart wide open all the time.  First of all, it’s unbalanced in the body, and it’s emotionally unbalanced too. Let me be clear: I believe giving love and receiving love is essential to a happy life. However, not everyone is bursting out rainbows and kittens on Valentines day.  Taking care of yourself and curling inward to protect yourself when you need shelter from a broken heart is part of that balance.

I love yoga! Heart shape for your design

Happy Valentines Day!  Heart opening (and closing) happening all day!!

Tula Yoga Studio–6:30am and 8:30am

Chicago School of Yoga–12:00pm

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