My Grandmother’s Journal.

I have been asking my mom and grandma lots of questions about their pregnancies and births since I’ve started studying for my prenatal/postnatal yoga teacher training and since I’ve started teaching ‘Baby and Me’ yoga classes. My grandma typed out her journal that she kept when my mother was pregnant with me and during my first  years of life. She included a bunch of photos I’d never seen. Here are the highlights from my grandma’s journal:


(My mama right before she had me)

 April 21 1986 at 3:00 AM

The phone rang.  It was your mom.  Breathlessly she said,

“Mom we’re doin’ it – wait I’m having another pain.”

The nurses were just ready to take your mom into the labor room so the doctor could help deliver you.  The nurses told your mom it was too late to call but she did it anyway.  Your mom is like that.  I talked to your dad too.  He sounded very excited and pleased.  He said it was like helping one of the old cows deliver.  He was teasing your mom of course.  Then, at 6:15 AM on April 21, l986 they called to say you had arrived all safe and sound.


(This is right after we got home from the hospital–I still wear the shirt my mom is wearing in this photo all the time.)

April 1986

So I finally got to hold you. You sneezed a big sneeze on me the first time I picked you up, but I didn’t care. Couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather have sneeze on me.  Today your mom and I took you in to be checked for jaundice again.

July 19, 1986

We haven’t visited for a while because grandpa and I have been in New Jersey where grandpa is going to school. He has worked and studied very hard. I’ve helped and had a good time but I’ve missed you too. Every time I talk to your mom you’re doing something new and I’m afraid I’m missing so much. Today when I called your house you talked to me and I could hear you talking and giggling in the background.


(Me and my grandma)

November 12, 1986

Dear Cassi,

Haven’t written for a long while.  I’ve had good intentions and have often written in my head but that doesn’t help.  This is the day after Thanksgiving 1986 and something happened last week that made me resolve to really write down what I want to say to you.  A lady about my age was killed in an auto accident.  She has 4 granddaughters who are too young to know her very well and know how special they are to her.  Now she can’t tell them unless she’s written to them like I intend to do to you.


(My first cobra pose)

April 3, 1987                                

Oh my, it has been so long since I’ve written.  At least a long while since I’ve put anything down in the book.  I often think about you and talk to you in my thoughts and think “ grandma you must put that in your book for Cassi”. Right now you’re here with grandpa and grandma.  You’re playing with your toys.  I’m sitting on the steps and you’re climbing.  Your mom said she wanted you to have experience with the steps so you are getting experience. You’ve mastered going up.  That took about two seconds.


(Me mastering steps)

July 1, 1987

There is a sample of hair in my journal, a beautiful golden blond.  You are 14 months old.  You’re here visiting your grandpa and grandma now.  We met you and your mom at the park just west of Stafford yesterday.  Mom and dad were going on a trip but something happened and they didn’t get to go.  Your mom could hardly let us have you.  She called last night too to check and see if you were ok.  This morning grandpa cut your hair.  I saved it.  You have such pretty hair. Just like your dad’s.  Oh yes, you liked grandpa last night and he was so excited.


(Still make that face)

  1. Tristan said:

    This is great. How cute of your gma to keep a journal.

    • thanks!! speaking of birth…happy birthday!!

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