My Grandma’s Heart- A Guest Blog by Grandma Kay


The ole’ girl has been with me for 75 years, setting the beat of my life and she decided to change her beat (this heart condition is called ‘atrial fibrillation’)  around mid February this year.  The cardiologist decided it was time to try to shock my heart back into what the medical profession calls, ‘sinus rhythm.’  It was supposed to be a simple outpatient procedure that landed me in the hospital for 10 days.  My massage therapist, who should get paid for psychiatry therapy for being a great listener said,

“Your grand-daughter Cassi is into yoga, right?  You should ask her about correcting your heart rhythm with yoga”.

As soon as I asked Cassi she emailed me several articles with all kinds of information about yoga and the heart.  Although I’ve attended yoga classes for the last 12 to 13 years and worked on poses that keep my ole’ body flexible and hurting less (cat/cow is a fave) the information in these articles has renewed my interest and dedication.

I have one question and one piece of advice.  The advice is: take good care of and speak nicely to your heart.  My massage therapist reminded me to do this one day when I was bad-mouthing my heart,

“It’s the only one you have and your heart has done well for you through the years”.  It seems even body parts work better with encouragement and love.”

The question is, do you believe in type-casting? I ask Cassi what yoga poses she thinks I should work on and her answer is always,

“Keep working on crow pose!”

Then I watch a PBS documentary about how intelligent crows are and this inspires me some.  Granted it’s a big jump, but, maybe Cassi thinks her grandma is a wise old bird and that’s why she recommends crow pose.  I’m going to focus on that thought and also on using yoga to encourage my ole’ sweet heart to beat in her normal rhythm.  Or maybe I’ll focus on accepting my heart’s new beat and continue to march right along.


  1. Kristen Folkes said:

    This is amazing. I was reading it and had to go back to the top because I couldn’t believe that your grandmother was writing this. How lovely!

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