Spring Cleaning

I’m always amazed at how much better I feel when my exterior space is clean.  I deep cleaned my dog, my car, and my house this week.  I am excited to go home after work and just dwell in my newly cleaned space.  I put off this cleaning rampage for a while. 

Now it’s time for the interior spring cleaning.  I’m beginning a ‘Cassi-Detox’ before my April birth month.  My version of a detox is pretty low-key:

No coffee-lots of tea

Yoga Yoga Yoga and meditation

Lots of water (lemon water especially)

Shots of apple cider vinegar

Coconut oil pulling at night

No booze

Lots of fresh food-less ‘tan food’

Neti Potting


Wish me luck!!

  1. grandma said:

    Glad to see that your main man, Floyd, is checking out your cleansing products and giving you the support you need. I’ll be cheering from Manhattan. Love GMA

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