Flowers in Your Hair.

If you’re going to San Fransisco…

I’m super excited for my trip next week to sunny California.  I’m attending a five-day Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training at The Yoga Tree.  A team of beauties will be looking after the Floydster while I am away, Sammie Swan,  Erin Grotheer and Jamie Gentry (big thanks for that!)  I’ve been reading several books to prep for the training.  My favorite book so far is ‘Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.’ 


It’s fascinating reading other women’s birth experiences (not to mention the photos-my god!) especially since I know nothing about birth.  I have to write a ‘book report’ for one of the books on the training’s recommended reading list, I’ll be sure to share my fancy book report when it’s finished.

yogaimageI might also make a super nerdy San Francisco yoga playlist for this week’s classes:


San Francisco Blues-Lowell Fulson

If You’re Going to San Francisco-Scott McKenzie

Standing on the Moon– Grateful Dead

San Francisco-Gregory Alan Isakov

  1. grandma said:

    How about “I left my heart in San Francisco” for the grandma yoga fans. One of your GMA’s faves.

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