Let Go.

My friend and fellow teacher, Diana, mentioned that she loved taking Dorie Silverman’s Level 2/3 class at the Lincoln Park Yogaview on Monday mornings.  Monday happens to be my day off so I gave it a shot.  It was a good decision.  Dorie started off the class with a story that I would like to share:

Two monks are walking down the road, in their tradition they are not allowed to ever touch women.  As they are walking down the road they come across an older woman who has fallen and needs help getting up.  One monk looks to the other monk and asks, ‘what should we do? We can’t touch her and there is no one else around!’  The other monk responds, ‘It’s fine.  We have to help her.’  And he helps the lady up.

They keep walking down the road for three miles when one monk turned to the other monk to say, ‘ I can’t believe you broke the rules like that, how could you do that?’  The other monk looked at him to reply, ‘I let go of that woman three miles ago, why haven’t you?’

Let. Go.


  1. Was so great meeting you Cassi! Thanks for the shout out in your blog. I absolutely love this story mostly because its helping me to drop shit and move on!

    • Dorie! Thanks for commenting. Can’t wait for the next time I can take your class:)

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