Veronica’s Haiti Yoga Mission

My friend, Veronica is going on another yoga mission to Haiti. 


Danielle Robinson and Veronica Rottman are yoga instructors and life enthusiasts from Chicago. They co-founded the non-profit “Yogis Can Help” and made it their mission to bring the healing components of yoga to the underserved.

This past January, YCH traveled to Haiti where they taught cancer patients and staff members at the Partners in Health Clinic in Cange. YCH taught two classes a day and provided yoga supplies through the donations they collected in Chicago. Each class was filled with students, some arriving post-chemotherapy and others with tumors on their chests.

Despite these hardships, every student showed strength and courage on their mat. YCH was delighted at the amount of positive feedback and gratitude they received. Their students in Haiti were very enthusiastic about yoga and asked when and where they could do more.  Danielle and Veronica knew they had to come back.

So we’re asking for your help to bring even more yoga to Haiti. This time around we want to run a teacher training intensive so that the yoga community in Haiti can continue to grow. Yoga is a journey in self-transformation that we know can empower and heal anyone who wishes to practice. Haiti is more than deserving of this gift.

Along with running a yoga teacher training intensive, we will serve our community in Haiti through more classes for the patients and staff members of PIH. We look forward to connecting and giving even more to the people of Haiti who have truly been an inspiration to us.

We want to thank you for taking the time to hear our story. Yogis Can Help continues to bring yoga to underdeveloped communities locally as well. We have taught free classes for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and look forward to spreading the gift of yoga even more.

If you are unable to donate, please stay connected and help us spread the word!

Merci Anpil! ( Thank you in Haitian Creole)

Yogis Can Help


CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO HELP  or come to Tula Yoga Studio this Saturday for a donation class at 5pm to help raise money.

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