Traveling Yogini – San Francisco

I’ve been in San Francisco for three days now and I am having an amazing time.  For two of the three days I’ve been in my Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training with Jane Austin at the Yoga Tree.  She is hilarious and a very good teacher trainer. My favorite quote from her (so far):

In regards to not clenching your butt in yoga…

Jane: ‘It’s the same as when you are making a big life decision, ask yourself, am I clenching my butt?  If you’re clenching you are not ready to make that decision.’


I’ve attended four yoga classes since my arrival on Tuesday.  They have all been very different but I have noticed a San Francisco style.  First of all, in every San Fran yoga class I’ve attended the teacher asks the students to introduce themselves to their neighbor, like church!  I love this and am totally stealing it for my classes. In smaller Chicago yoga classes I’ve attended, or taught, we have gone around and shared our name, but this San Fran approach is different.  I’ve also noticed that San Fran isn’t as crazy about jumping back to Chaturanga and jumping to the front of the mat during Suyra Namaskar A as Chicago.


One of the Yoga Tree studios is right next door to Rainbow Grocery, a delicious and famous vegetarian-only food co-op.


Finally, a San Fran Ganesh:


  1. Becky Raymond said:

    Hi Cassie – Thanks for the report back.  I didn’t realize Jane would be your teacher (guess I hadn’t thought about it).  She and I used to practice together quite a bit about 15 years ago at Ahimsa Yoga.  Please send my regards to her if you get a chance.   I’m just so thrilled for you to have this experience.  I love that you observed the difference in the back and forth in sun salutes between Chitown and SFCA. Very true! Take care, Becky

    • that’s so cool! I will definitely tell her hello! ooxx

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