Mother Pigeon.

Not a fairy tale folks, a yoga pose.  A mama from my ‘Baby and Me’ class brought to my attention that there is nothing online about ‘Mother Pigeon’ pose and suggested I post a photo of it on my blog.  I first discovered Mother Pigeon pose in my friend Diana’s class.


The pose requires a block on the lowest setting in the top and middle of your yoga mat.  From a low lunge gently bring the front foot on top of the block and flex the foot once it’s on the block.  The foot on the block stays on the pinky-toe side of the foot.  The hands frame the block.  If the right foot is on the block then the right arm and hand will be under the right leg, for more intensity.  For less intensity, keep the right arm above the right leg (as pictured below.)  If a deeper stretch is needed, come down onto the forearms.

sammieSammie showing another angle of mama pigeon…


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