Kumaré–Hitting Close to Home.

I recently watched ‘Kumaré’, a documentary on Netflix.  ‘Kumaré’ is a film about Vikram Gandhi who impersonates a fake guru and builds a following of real people. ‘Kumaré’ hit a little close to home-a white, Methodist-raised Kansan who teaches yoga for a living, attempts meditation, spends quite a bit of money to study under master yoga teachers, wears mala beads, buys crystals and Ganesh statues for fun and chants in Sanskrit… 

Ultimately I believe that our most important teacher or, ‘guru,’ is within ourselves.  As soon as we start looking outside ourselves for fulfillment and answers is when we can (potentially) get into trouble.  I recommend watching this documentary, however parts of it were definitely hard to swallow. 

Any readers or bloggers out there that have seen it,  I would love to hear other opinions.  It think this is an incredibly relevant film in the yoga community, especially with the recent lawsuit involving Bikram and last year’s John Friend scandal…

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