Harmonica Ujjayi.

Three summers ago, whilst living in Southern Utah (one of the most breathtaking landscapes in this country),  I decided to teach myself how to play the harmonica.  I learned ‘Happy Birthday’  and ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ and would hike up into the canyons by myself to meditate, worry about being killed by a bear, and blow on my harp.


Since that summer I have stopped playing harmonica, but my boyfriend gifted me harmonica lessons at Old Town School of Music for my birthday.  I am drawn to the harmonica because of the incorporation of breath and it’s simplicity.  Plus, I love the blues, Bob Dylan, Mazzy Star…I mean let’s face it: the harmonica is dead sexy.


Yoga Harmonica Playlist:

Amazing Grace–The Harmonica™ Dennis M. Cooper 
Like a Rolling Stone– Bob Dylan
Run-Around –Blues Traveler 
Sonny Boy’s Harmonica Blues — Sonny Boy Williamson 
Flowers In December — Mazzy Star 
Come Pick Me Up –Ryan Adams 
I Shall Be Released — Bob Dylan 
Two Coins– Dispatch 

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