Full Moon Thursdays.


My class today will celebrate the impending full moon.  We will work on centering and grounding our energy to counter the exciting, frantic energy that accompanies a full moon.  Our warm up will include a moon cycle paired with several balancing sequences. Today we will pay special attention to our feet and set them free of their bound up, un-stretched ways.

‘Feet hold us up all day long, they get us everywhere we need to go, and they connect our bodies to the earth. Some yoga teachers even call the feet the “roots” of the body.

Yet for all that our feet do for us, we don’t do much for them in return. We cram them into tight shoes, pound along on them all day, and generally ignore them unless they’re giving us serious trouble. The result is that at some point in their lives 7 of 10 people will suffer from foot problems, many of which are entirely preventable.’ (Yoga Journal)

So, prepare for some foot love.  And bring on the full moon.


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