Wish I Was the Moon.

It’s been an eventful yoga weekend…

Thursday night I hunkered down in honor of the beautiful full moon with a Yin class taught by Veronica.  I felt stoned afterwards.  I need to take more Yin.  I always forget how much I dig it.


Friday, I went to take David’s class at Chicago School of Yoga in the afternoon and Lucia was subbing for him, her class was amazing.  It was the right amount of energetic flow, yet calming.  We focused on our ‘Prana’ (vital life force or energy) and even chanted ‘Prana’ at the end.  The theme of the class was to find ‘Prana’ within ourselves that we could tap into for the rest of the day.  Which was perfect for me because I taught two back to back candlelight classes on Friday night.

Today, I attended Diana’s private class at Tula.  It was recorded for promotional purposes.  There was a great turnout (and the wildest assortment of yoga pants I’ve ever seen).   Someone was wearing these:


And these:


 It’s a totally different energy practicing when you know someone is watching you (or recording you). Diana did a great job of keeping the class focused.  It was a fun experience.

Tomorrow will be another yoga-filled day:

9am Heated Vinyasa at Chicago School of Yoga

12:30pm Family Yoga at Tula

3pm Vinyasa at Tula

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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