I recently moved into my new apartment in Rogers Park.  I always forget how awful moving can be.  It literally uproots your life and not to mention the damage it can have on your body, sleeping schedule and diet.  Since moving I have missed two days of my yoga practice to either clean or move more junk.  I am now in the phase of the moving process where I want to nest in my new place.  I keep trying to talk myself out of doing yoga so that I will have more time to settle into my new environment.  This got me thinking about the house that I will always be in no matter where I move; my body.  As important as it is to unpack and feel comfortable in my external space it is more important to take care of my shell that will always contain me, the human body.

If the body was a house, the hips would be our living rooms;  we use them for walking, sitting, standing, running, moving large boxes up and down stairs and they are finicky and like to tighten.  The hips are also our storage space for unhappy emotional gunk. 

For this week’s practice we will be cleaning out the garage, so to speak, and fully inhabiting our ‘homes.’ If we can find inner peace within our ‘homes’ we can take that space and clarity to wherever we move.


  1. Hannah said:

    Amen girl.

  2. I do admire your moving story and your yoga feet are so lovely.

    • Thanks James, They are not my feet, but I’m glad you like the story!

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