“Do your practice and all is coming” – Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


The last five weeks I’ve been attending Harmonica 1 classes at Old Town School of Folk Music.  I should preface this next story with the fact that I have previously failed at guitar and clarinet lessons during my adolescence.  I loved the idea of being a musician but after a couple of weeks into both instruments I realized I had no desire to practice.  This is what is happening with my recent harmonica lessons.  It’s been difficult making time for something else, in a world where every MindBodyGreen/Facebook/Pinterest post is telling me to make sure I:


Neti Pot

Drink Hot Lemon Water

Coconut Oil Pulling

Do Yoga



Take Baths

Take Long Walks




Sleep 8-9 Hours






Where in the world will I find time to practice my harmonica?  It’s overwhelming.  It’s also fascinating how different practices are easier for some people.  I have no problem making space in my routine to practice yoga, because I will fall apart if I don’t do yoga.  I know many people are as passionate about playing the guitar, or dancing, or painting.  There are things in this life that we must do to sustain us and make us who we are, where other practices aren’t as pertinent. We have to decide where our time goes and at the end of the day there must be time left to just be.  Not doing, or practicing, or progressing, just being.


  1. thanks for this. and making me laugh. surely Floyd helps you just BE. Dogs are awesome at it.

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