Psychedelic Yoga Snail.

This is Sally, my Psychedelic Yoga Snail.  I made her in a graduate school class that was all about ‘Play.’  I named her after the professor, Sally Bailey.  Sally, the snail, was made from an old pink mitten and hot pink tights. 


Sally is going on a big yoga adventure with me this week to teach yoga to several hundred kids.  We will share all kinds of interesting facts about snails.  Such as:

Their slime is used as protection.

Sometimes snails eat each other.

Sometimes humans eat snails.

Snails have been around for about 600 million years.

Snails’ relatives are the octopus and the clam.

Snails can’t hear.

Snail pose is basically balasana/childs pose with your index fingers as snail eyes on top your head.  For the older yogis, halasana/plow pose can make a great snail.


Namaste. My little light bows to your little light.

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