Monday’s Reflection.

I am full of gratitude this morning as I sit at my laptop with my cup of joe.  Last night was Baby Olive’s fundraising class ‘Vin. Yin. Vino’ and it was a huge success.

I had a stomachache starting at about 5am on Sunday morning.  It continued throughout the day and I had no idea what was going on. I thought it might be cramps (which I literally never get) or that I was catching some kind of bug. The stomachache went away as soon as I started teaching the donation class last night and it wasn’t till after I realized I had been nervous all day.  I was nervous that no one would show up, nervous that I wouldn’t raise any money, anxious in general for my best friend and her beautiful baby. But as soon as people started trickling in: a mixture of Tula yogi-friends that have been at Tula since the day it opened it’s doors two years ago, and new Tula yogi-friends that I have met in the last 3 weeks, I felt calm and hopeful.  I know there are a lot of yoga studios out there where you go in for an hour, teach your class, make them sweaty, and then leave.  You might catch a few names along the way.  But Tula is full of amazing people who I get to call ‘friends.’ 

We raised $650 last night for Olive’s family.  Thank you all so much for donating.  

olives class

  1. Michelle said:

    everybody should be so blessed to have a friend like you.

  2. Pat Jones said:

    I am so glad that Maggie has you for a friend!

    • 🙂 don’t know what I’d do without Maggie.

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