Full Moon Equinox Retreat Recap

IMG_1091I have enough material for five different blog posts from this weekend.  However I am going to try my best to condense it into one post.

I led my first ever yoga retreat at Copper Pond Lodge in a quaint spot in the middle of Wisconsin this past weekend.  I discovered the lodge through a recommendation from Mark (my boyfriend’s brother)  and I took my boyfriend there last June for his birthday and fell in love with how secluded and relaxed the whole experience was, plus it was dog friendly.

 In the back of my mind while enjoying my weekend with my beau was, ‘I should do my first yoga retreat here.’  The place was affordable and could house about 11 yogis comfortably, which meant it would stay small-scale and reasonably priced. 

I lucked out with the group of ten yogis that signed up.  First of all, we had very talented cooks among us (we made all our own vegan meals) a Pranyama teacher who studied extensively in India and led two breathing sessions for the group.  Not one, but three juicers came on the retreat, which meant fresh juiced apples for warm apple cider one night by the fire and yummy green post-Mala juice after our Autumnal Equinox Mala class on the last day. 



When it got too cold or too rainy (it was basically monsoon-ing the first night) we did yoga by the fireplace inside one of the two larger cabins.)  We had a health and wellness expert yogi who made us homemade clay masks one night with different essential oils.  Plus everyone was down to try adventurous partner poses.  Some of the group went horseback riding, hiking and canoeing.  Someone packed a slack line that was tied between two trees and we worked on our balance. 






We took a trip to Chief’s Trading Post where we fed goats and picked up a bicycle, a trampoline, an awesome box of fireworks, lawn furniture and a farm kitten, that one of the yogis adopted, aka ‘Chief Shanti.’  Chief Shanti came home with us and did Yin yoga with her new daddy by the fire.







It was lovely to spend time outdoors away from the city, with animals and fresh air.  I haven’t eaten that well in a while and it was powerful to be around like-minded and good-hearted people. Thanks to all who attended and happy fall!

  1. Michelle said:

    It sounds wonderful!! I’m so glad it was such a great experience!

  2. GMA said:

    Loved it even second hand. GMA

  3. GPA said:

    Very interesting GPA

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