Tula’s Two Year.

Happy Anniversary, Tula Yoga Studio!


I moved to Chicago two years ago for a publicity apprenticeship at Steppenwolf Theatre.  When I got here I was desperate to find a studio where I could teach and a place to practice.  I  left my home and family in Kansas as well as my studio where I practiced and taught, which also felt like a home.  I was immediately discouraged with how hard it was to get a hold of studio owners and managers at the gyms and studios I applied at in Chicago so I started a work-study position at Moksha so that I could at least have a place to practice. 

Those first months trying to find a yoga teaching job were disappointing to say the least,  I moved to Chicago knowing only a handful of people in the entire city and felt very small.  I literally stalked the fitness manager at Cheetah Gym until she finally put me on the sub list.  I was never able to respond to a sub request quick enough to actually teach at Cheetah Gym (didn’t have my iPhone yet…) 

When my mother came to visit Logan Square to help me settle into my new apartment she took my roommate, Erin, and I out for lunch at Revolution Brewing.  When we were leaving the restaurant Erin said,

“Look across the street.  It’s a yoga studio.”


And there was Tula, in all its un-opened glory.  I immediately called the phone number on the awning and after a couple of rings was speaking to Maile.  I told her I would send her my resume and that I taught children’s and adult’s yoga and lived up the street from Tula.  Maile put me on the schedule to teach the Family Yoga Class and then later, when some adult class slots opened up, a couple of Vinyasa classes. Several weeks after our phone conversation I attended one of Tula’s first classes on the day it opened, and taught the class after.

I was beyond thrilled.  I didn’t realize how much I missed teaching yoga and having a studio to call ‘home’ until I was without for a couple of months.  I have met so many friends and beautiful yogis (of all ages) inside Tula’s doors.  I am thankful for the community that continues to build there and to all the amazing teachers and students.  Peace. Love. Tula.






















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