Clean October.

I have to blog about this so that I stick to my guns…

For the month of October (until the 31st, then all bets are off) I will:

Not drink booze.

Drink less coffee and more tea (I have to be realistic)

Do yoga everyday (some days will be restorative/yin, keeping it real)

Meditate everyday for at least 10 minutes.

Juice. Like I’ve never juiced before.

Eat clean.  Less bread, more color.

Take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar each day.

Neti Pot.

Take more baths and read.

Coconut pulling (and actually do the full 20 minutes…)

The end of this month will climax with a visit to Florida to reunite with my bestie and the Yoga Journal Conference where I will practice yoga with Ana Forrest, Dharma Mittra and Richard Freeman.

Let the games begin. 


  1. Michelle said:

    You go girl! You are a great role model for the rest of us

  2. GMA said:

    Sounds like a huge plan – I’m betting you can do it! Love the picture. GMA

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