Clean October- First Week

I have one week of October under my belt (as we all do) and I have successfully completed most of my cleanse obligations.

I haven’t had any booze. 

I’ve cut way down on coffee, even went a whole day without it and got the worst 5 hour headache of my life, very scary how much caffeine affects our bodies.  I realize every time I try to quit coffee that sometimes I really don’t like the taste of it,  it has to be at the perfect temperature, strength, blend and I have to have just the right amount of almond milk or the whole thing is botched, where tea is always good.  I stick my nose up at the idea of tea over coffee in the morning, but when I force myself to go for the tea, I always feel refreshed and calmer afterwards.

Every day of this month I have treated myself to an Apple Cider Vinegar/Epsom Salt bath and let me tell you something, it is lovely.  A little stinky, but whatever.  I have also been taking shots of Apple Cider Vinegar (the list of benefits is tremendous) and that will wake you up after not having coffee. Whoa mama, that stuff is potent.

Finally, the coconut pulling.  I’ve been pulling while I take my dog out to pee and for a short walk, aka about 20 minutes.  Which is hilarious when I run into neighbors who want to chat.  I was informed that dogs love coconut oil and it’s good for their oral hygiene, so Floyd gets a little coconut oil-spoon-treat after his walk.  Everyone wins. 

I’ll keep you posted as October rolls along.



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