Baby Yoga & Massage Workshop

Beyond excited for Tula’s upcoming Baby and Me Yoga/Infant Massage Workshop this Sunday at 12:30pm.  All proceeds will benefit Baby Olive Fleming and her family as she fights Leukemia.

I am partnering with my buddy, Liz Finch, Certified Infant Massage Therapist and baby lover.



BYOBaby and Sunflower Oil (for the massage portion), no yoga or massage experience necessary. 

$20 Drop-In, $35 for both Sunday Sessions (Oct 13/20th)

45 min Baby and Me Yoga

30 min Infant Massage Instruction


  1. elizabeth koltun said:

    Cassie, I would love to be there. TT in the way. Babies can be so strong. The “poster boy” for children’s youngest heart transplant on record lives right by me and is my pal. His energy is amazing. He lost his hearing during the process of saving his life and now has two cochlier sp? implants to hear (my mom has them). I was talking to his dad one day mentioning his ears were not hooked up…..and that is how I found out who he was. Made a big big impact.

    His name is Teddy. Check him out. A very magical story, elizabeth

    • Elizabeth, Have fun at your TT, wish you could be there too. Thank you for sharing this story:)

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