The Mind Jar Project.


I found this idea on Yoga Dork.  It is used as a tool/art project to teach kids about mind chatter and meditation.jar1

Supplies Needed:

A recycled jam jar (or mason jar) with a lid

Goo Be Gone, if there is a label on your jar

Glitter glue (one color)

Food coloring (same color)

Warm water

Sharpie/sticker (optional for labeling or decorating the jar)


Remove any label from your jar

Put a tablespoon (for smaller container) or 2 tablespoons (for a larger container) of glitter glue in your jar

Fill the rest of the jar with warm water

Add 2-3 drops of food coloring (same color as glitter glue)

Decorate the outside of the jar, but leave plenty of undecorated glass to watch the glitter settle inside

The Lesson:

Shake up the mind jar and explain that ‘as the glitter is dancing around (like a snow globe) in the mind jar, so are the thoughts and worries in our head.  But as we take deep breaths and slow down, the thoughts and worries start to settle and slow down.’ Quietly watch as the glitter moves to the bottom of the jar.  If you need a more physical activity you can ‘become’ the glitter and dance around and then slowly move to the ground and lay down.


  1. GMA said:

    I think I recognize that cute thumb. GMA

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