Read Me, I’m Good News!

Thanks for all the support (and continued support) for Baby Olive from all the amazing yogis out there!

Reposted from Olive’s Mama:

We finally got all of our results back this evening and Olive’s bone marrow biopsy showed no sign of cancer and the very sensitive, minimal residual disease test came back negative!!! Olive is 100% cancer free, 100% in remission! We absolutely could not be more happy and relieved.
This means that not only is she in remission, but also is not at high risk for relapse– so we will continue with her chemo treatments. If everything continues to go as planned we should be done with treatment in about two months!

We will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow morning to start round three. This time we will be staying at the hospital for a month. Although Olive will only be getting chemo for five days, she will be getting a much higher dosage (hence, why this round is called “intensification”), and therefore recovery will take three weeks instead of the two weeks we are used to.

We have been warned that this round can be difficult, but going into it knowing that she is in remission and everyone’s hard work is paying off is more than enough to get us through.
Thank you so much for the continued prayers and support for Olive. We couldn’t do it without you!!!!


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  1. GMA said:

    Yea! and double Yea! Cassi’s GMA

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