Yoga Bloopers.

I got handstand to crow pose in class today.  Hooray!  I had my panties in a twist for a while because I felt like my practice had plateaued and I felt like I wasn’t building any new strength or flexibility. So this morning when I stepped onto my mat for Rhiannon’s class and she asked us to set an intention and then condense that intention into one word,  my word was: enjoy.  I needed to step out of my head and away from my lofty yoga goals and just have fun, like the good ole’ days.  As soon as I did, voilà!  Once I stop marking the calendar for certain things to unfold, they usually do.  Of course I got home and tried to videotape my new party trick and couldn’t get it.  But this video is pretty funny.  And at the end of the day, who really cares if I ever do it again?  It was fun while it lasted.

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